October 13, 2011 / Shown: Hao, Zhu / Rutgers Camden Faculty and Staff portraits / Photo by Bob Laramie

PI: Dr. Hao Zhu


Dr. Daniel Russo


PhD student: Heather Ciallella

PhD student: Xuelian Jia

PhD student: Elena Chung

PhD student: Nada Daood

PhD student: Saeideh Nasiri

Master student: Yitao Shen

Intern student: Tong Wang



marleneDr. Marlene Kim, PhD in 2016, currently working in US FDA

WWangDr. Wenyi Wang, PhD in 2018, currently working in Genetech.

Dr. Daniel Russo, PhD in 2019, currently working in the group as a postdoc

Dr. Linlin Zhao, PhD in 2020, currently working in Genetech

Dr. Xiliang Yan, Exchange PhD student, PhD in 2020, currently working as an assistant professor in Guangzhou University, China

Ms. Swati Sharma, Master in 2020

Ms. Kathryn Ribay, Master in 2016, currently as PhD student in Stanford

Mr. Daniel Pinolini, Master in 2015

Mr. Chris Mayer-Bacon, Master in 2014

Ms. Abena Boison, Master in 2014

Ms. Renee Solimeo, Master in 2012